What's for Dinner?

Posted by Kira on December 28, 2012

York Stomping Grounds

Living off of a meal plan is a rite of passage for any student living in residence. It’s convenient, social, and you don’t have to cook. At York your meal plan is valid for pretty much any place that sells food on campus. Because you will be eating so much food from campus, you’ll soon figure out which places are your favourites, where the best lunch spot is, and where the lineup for coffee is shortest in between classes.

Overall, the food on campus is pretty good! But, what many students (me included) have noticed is that there is a lack of fresh food and produce available. Luckily this has not gone unnoticed! The York Federation of Students is looking out for us. (The YFS represents undergraduate students here at York University. They offer services to improve your time here at York, from academics to social life.)

The Student Center.

Back in November, The York Federation of Students held a Town Hall Meeting to hear the views of students on what they like and don’t like about the food options here at York. Then, a couple of weeks ago, the YFS put out to gain a better understanding of what students require of their meal options here on campus. They asked about food sensitivities, pricing, quality, freshness and diverseness in this survey to gain information so they are better able to make changes to improve the food here.

The information gathered from the Town Hall and online survey will be compiled into a document that will outline ways to improve the food here at York, and will be presented to the University in the coming semester. It’s great to see the YFS taking charge on a matter that affects a big percentage of students!