Making the Most of Winter Break

Posted by Kira on December 11, 2012

York Stomping Grounds

By the time exams finally finish, most students are burnt out. The winter break is so important to relax and refresh yourself so that by the time January rolls around, you can refocus on classes. Depending on your exam schedule, you can have two to four weeks off. Making the most of this break is a skill that I have developed during all of my years as a student.

1. If you have homework to do over the break, get it done sooner than later. I usually take 1-2 days off from school to relax, and then I spend one day or so, buckle down and get whatever homework I have out of the way.
2. Eat. A Lot. Over the winter break there are tons of reasons to stuff your face with delicious food. From family dinners to desserts load up on the food that you don’t have to pay for while you can.
3. Partake in winter related activities. Skating, skiing, and tobogganing are all great ways to enjoy the season, and get a bit of exercise to offset all the eating that will be going on.
4. Spend some time with your family. Especially if you live away from home during University, it’s great to get away from all the people at York and spend some quality time with the fam jam.
5. Catch up on sleep. You deserve to sleep in over the break. Embrace the opportunity.

Most important is to take a step back from school, try not to think about it too much. Your mind needs to get out of school mode so that it can effectively get back at it in January. Happy Holidays!