Choosing the School That is Right for You

Posted by York & U on November 29, 2012

Get In The Know

Deciding what post-secondary school to attend is a big decision. A good majority of the next four to five years of your life will be spent at the campus you choose to attend. There are lots of factors to consider when making your big decision. Here is a short checklist of some things you should be researching and thinking about when it comes to applying to university.

Academic Programs

What areas of study are you most interested in? York offers a wide range of undergraduate degree programs that cover a number of areas of study. In most programs, students are given the option to study full-time or part-time and are able to concentrate their studies in a number of different areas. Interested in two different things? Try a double major option, which allows you to study two different subjects at once. Not sure about what to study? Try out York’s undecided major which allows you to explore a number of subject areas. For more information about how majors work, visit York’s majors & minors website. Also be sure to browse York’s programs of study to see all the degree options offered at York.

Living arrangements

Do you want to live on residence or live at home? If you want to live at home, you should consider what your daily commute will be like to campus and if it’s doable. If you want to live on campus, be sure to take a tour of the residence buildings in order to get a feel for what your future living arrangements will be like. York offers both virtual and in-person tours of their nine residence buildings.  For more information on residence at York and campus tours, please visit the Student Housing website.

Campus tours are led by current York students who will be able to answer any of your burning questions

Campus Life

Do you want an active campus social life or a more intimate social environment? York offers both.  Students are encouraged to be active in campus life and can do so by participating in university wide activities or smaller more intimate events through their college. Each undergraduate student is assigned to one of York’s nine college’s, which is intended to provide students with a smaller community within a large university. Whatever your social preference, there is never a shortage of things to do. With over 300 student clubs to choose from and countless student activities happening throughout the year you will be sure to find your niche. For more information on student life at York, visit the YUConnect website.

Campus Environment

The best way to get a feel for a campus environment is to take a campus tour. York offers tours of both campuses to give you an idea of what the campus has to offer. Tours cover classrooms, athletic facilities, residence buildings and student spaces. To book a campus tour, visit the campus tours website.

 Talk to current students

Talking to current students will allow you to gain perspective on university from someone who has been through it all. Campus tours are all run by current students who are more than happy to answer any questions you have regarding life at York. Also be sure to keep an ear out for information regarding information sessions and campus information days.