The Best of York's Keele Campus

Posted by Kira on November 19, 2012

York Stomping Grounds

Since I lived in residence last year, I have spent my fair share of time on campus. There are spots at York that I absolutely love to visit and they’re the reason that walking around is so enjoyable. Both indoors and outdoors, certain locations are a pleasure to spend time in.

I think I’m a bit biased as a fine arts student, but Accolade East and West are great places to go to class. Everything is spacious and bright, and there is a Starbucks in the Center for Film and Theatre. I love walking around the hallways, because you’ll get to hear or see whatever the fine arts students are working on, from music to a painting.

Outside of Accolade West.

Stong Pond is a great place to hang out when the weather is nice. Last spring when the weather felt more like summer, I spent a lot of afternoons playing Frisbee with a group of friends on the hill overlooking the pond when I wasn’t in class.

Stong Pond.

Another place that is a great hangout, weather dependent, is York Commons. There are lots of trees that provide shade and a big field if you want to play catch. I really like studying here when the library or my bedroom get to be too stuffy.

Shady Spot at York Commons.

The Student Centre is another place that most students spend a large amount of time in. It’s set up as a food court, with lots of seating so all the students can hang out. It’s a busy place, so I’ve never been able to get much work done there, but it is a great place to kill some time in between classes if you want to socialize.

The Student Centre.

Since York’s campus is so large, I am constantly discovering cool new spots! It’s a bit overwhelming at first to find your way around (the campus map is really handy), but you’ll get into a rhythm and figure out what spots do it for you.