Residence Move-in

Posted by York & U on August 16, 2012

Get In The Know

Have you decided whether you will be coming to York on move-in day (August 31, 2012) or whether you will come earlier? If you decide to arrive to campus early where will you stay? What will you do?!

I remember my first day at York University; it was on move-in day. If you intend to do as I did, your move-in process is quite simple. For those who decide to come early, you need to do some planning. York University offers bunkroom rentals for $15 CND per bed or $30 CND for a room at Calumet College. Please contact the housing office and seek permission. Another option is to do a homestay. A homestay consists of a host family that will provide you with airport pick-up and housing as well as help you with the cultural transition. To some degree, this saves you some money and may reduce some of your anxiety.

The next step is moving into your residence. Begin with key pick-up. Your residence key can be picked up in the housing office. When you get there you need to show your valid photo ID (i.e. YU Card, Driver’s License or passport); you will be asked to sign an agreement and then the key is all yours. Use the key to access the residence and start to move your belonging. If you arrive on move-in date you will have frosh leaders helping you move your belongings inside.

After moving in, you will attend a mandatory house meeting, which is held by the Dons of the residence. Dons are the Residence Life Staff who are in charge of certain floors and they are students who are well-trained for residences to consult. In the house meeting, you will be introducing you to your neighbors and notifying you of relevant information (such as guest policy, student code of conduct etc.) Once you finish the house meeting, you are officially considered moved in. Congratulations and good luck in your first year!

Final notes:

The official move-in date is August 31, 2012. The early move-in date is 27th August. International student who need to move in between 27th to 30th August are required to fill out a request form for housing, please note: additional accommodation fee will not be charged if you sign up with International Student Orientation.

Also please check things to bring and NOT to bring list.