What's Your Favourite Thing About York?

Posted by York & U on April 23, 2012

York & U

Although we all come to York for different reasons, we all end up loving it. From the community to the services to the awesome elective courses, York students love their university.

Some love the community. Andrew, a second year Economics major, loves the intramural sports. “It’s awesome to get together and compete,” he says of his intramural involvement. Fourth year Environmental Studies student Lena enjoys the diversity. She loves being able to see students from a variety of ethnic and religious backgrounds working together on projects or hanging out after class. First-year Administrative Studies student Jessica likes the sense of community created by the colleges, explaining that “it made [her] feel so welcome during Frosh Week.”

Others like what the University has to offer them. Nate, for example, loves the Career Centre. As a Kinesiology student, he’s uncertain of which of the directions offered to him by his program he should take and the Career Centre is helping him figure out “what might be the best choice for [him].” Jason, on the other hand, likes the courses he has to choose from. Jason likes that although he’s a third-year Biology student, he can still take music courses. “Electronic Music was crazy!” he tells me. The course – whose full name is Electronica, DJs and Dancefloor Culture – explores electronic music from its start in Chicago, Detroit and New York to the British rave scene and into the modern forms of electronic music. He also plans to take Rock and Popular Music this upcoming year.

York provides its students with awesome opportunities both inside and outside the classroom – and they love it! Intramural sports, colleges, career support and cool electives help give students the well-rounded, forward-thinking education they need to make them successful in the future. For more information on what York has to offer you, visit the Future Students website.