Get to Know Our Colleges

Posted by York & U on April 16, 2012

York & U

You probably figured out that York is a big place as soon as you looked at our Future Students website. We’ve got lots of programs, lots of facilities and lots of people so the community can look a little intimidating at first. In order to make your transition to university life a little easier and provide you with an approachable, supportive community throughout your academic career, York created the colleges. We have nine colleges on campus: Calumet, Founders, Glendon, McLaughlin, New College, Norman Bethune, Stong, Vanier and Winters.

Most colleges are affiliated with a residence and all are affiliated with group of academic programs. These programs are grouped together in order to create a supportive atmosphere for students. It also allows the colleges to provide specific services that will best serve the needs of the students affiliated with them. Take for example the peer tutoring services. Since mostly certain types of students are affiliated with a college, the college can provide more in-depth tutoring specialized to the needs of those students rather than a broad service able to support students in a large number of programs. The community created is also very supportive – when everyone is working on similar assignments it’s much easier to help each other. Upper year students in the college will also be able to provide newer students with insights from their own experiences as well. For a full list of the college affiliations, check out our Colleges website.

Colleges also provide the basis for social life on campus. Each college has a student council that organizes events throughout the year. These range from Social Orientation in the fall to pub nights, day trips around the GTA and seasonal events. The councils also offer students comfortable space to hang out and relax – or spend breaks between classes playing videogames or foosball. The council offices allow students to wind down after class and make friends while getting involved on campus. They also support a variety of clubs and other organizations affiliated with the colleges. Newspapers, intramural sports and academic and interest-based clubs receive funding and direction from the student councils.

Although York may seem like a big place at first, your college will help you settle in quickly and comfortably. Your college will provide you with opportunities to get involved and make friends on campus while also offering the academic support you need to be successful at York. For more information on the college system, visit our Future Students website.