York in the News: Professor Lexchin Makes Another Important Pharmaceutical Critique

Posted by York & U on April 5, 2012

York & U

Professor Joel Lexchin, image courtesy of York Research NewsYork Healthy Policy & Management professor – and practicing ER doctor – Joel Lexchin is in the media again. Last month, Lexchin published a study in medical journal Healthy Policy about the effectiveness of new prescription drugs. He found that out of the hundreds of new drugs being produced each year, very few actually provide better treatment than their predecessors.

Lexchin is frequently in the media for his research on the pharmaceutical industry. He recently spoke with the CBC on the rising costs of prescription drugs and their impact on Canadians after another study made waves in the media. This study, published in July 2010, discovered that many drugs are overpriced even before they are patented by the pharmaceutical companies, and that more regulation is needed in the industry.

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