Get Involved: Student Clubs & Organizations at York

Posted by York & U on March 5, 2012

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With 50,000 students, York can seem like a pretty intimidating place for new students. Campus is huge, there are lots of people and everyone seems to have somewhere they need to be right away. Clubs and other student organizations – all 300+ of them – are an excellent way to make friends at school and make your campus look far less intimidating. There are three main types of clubs at York – cultural/religious, athletic and interest-based – as well as student governments and media.

York takes pride in the diversity of its student body, which is actively reflected in the vast array of cultural and religious clubs. York’s students come from over 160 countries and represent dozens of world religions, many of which are represented by national, regional, cultural or religious student associations. These associations are for students of the represented cultural or religious as well as students who have an interest in that cultural or religious group.

Athletic clubs also make up a large portion of York’s student clubs. Athletic clubs include clubs for martial arts and equestrian sports as well as many other sports and fitness activities not included in York’s interuniversity or intramural sports programs.

The rest of the student clubs on campus relate to specific hobbies or interests. With as many students as there are at York, it’s inevitable that just about every sort of hobby will have its own club. These clubs are awesome for anyone who is interested in trying out something new, or is looking for friends with like-minded interests. Other clubs catering to certain programs or academic pursuits can also be great resources for students who are struggling in classes or looking for a little extra help with assignments. Some will even help you find work experience in your chosen field!

Student governments are another important part of life at York. The York Federation of Students (YFS) is the main governing body for students. Each year, a team of students is elected to office, and they work alongside the administration and other students to make life on campus as good as possible. They promote a variety of social justice campaigns and on and off campus events and assist in student-university relations.

Aside from YFS, York also facilitates a series of student councils. These councils represent the various faculties and colleges at York, and work with students, faculty and staff to make student life as good as possible. They also organize events, trips and the intramural sports league.

York students are also encouraged to get involved in one of the many student media outlets on campus. There are 13 newspapers or magazines officially supported by Student Community & Leadership Development (SCLD), as well as two radio stations.

Student clubs and organizations are an excellent way to get involved on campus, make some friends and possibly gain some valuable work experience. Starting school with 50,000 other students can be an intimidating prospect, but joining a club will help ease you into school and provide you with an important support network. For more information on the clubs and organizations at York visit YUConnect, your one stop spot for information on all the student clubs and organizations on campus.