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Posted by York & U on February 22, 2012

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Stong residence at Keele Campus

For some students, living at home and commuting to campus is not an option. Flying 3000km a day to get to school just doesn’t seem worth it. For those who don’t live nearby, York offers a range of residences on campus that all offer unique, exciting experiences.

Undergraduate students have the opportunity to live in two styles of residence – traditional dorm-style and suite-style residences. The traditional dorm-style residences offer students single or double rooms on both co-ed and single-sex floors. Suites, on the other hand, combine a group of single bedrooms into groups of up to six students sharing a kitchen and private or semi-private bathrooms. In both styles of residences, each building is divided into houses (made up of two floors) which are supervised by upper-year students known as dons.

Graduate and mature undergraduate students are also welcome to apply to live in the York Apartments. These are buildings with bachelor, one bedroom and two bedrooms apartments for mature or graduate students and their families. The buildings are either furnished or unfurnished, although students must leave any given furniture in the apartment.

Aside from the convenience of being able to roll out of bed and walk to class, residence also provides students with a valuable social experience. Although the dons act as supervisors, they also organize events and workshops for residents.

These include off-campus trips to Toronto destinations such as Kensington Market and the Royal Ontario Museum as well as stress-busting activities and study skills workshops.

Living in residence also helps students develop important interpersonal skills. Nothing quite compares to the learning experience of having to live with a group of people 24 hours a day for eight months! That might sound a little bleak, but the lessons learned from living in close quarters with a group of your peers will assist you in your future no matter what career you might go into.

Each residence also provides a unique academic experience with specialized floors for certain programs or backgrounds. Pond Road Residence, for example, contains Global House, two floors full of students from different countries that participate in activities that help students understand cultures beyond their own. Other specialized houses include the Health & Wellness and Writing & Communication houses in Stong Residence, Current Topics in Psychology house in Calumet Residence and Law, Politics & Public Policy house in Tatham Hall. These academic houses provide students with events and activities to supplement their classes. Aside from Life Sciences and Current Topics in Psychology, students do not need to be enrolled in a specific major to live in a themed house.

In addition to being enriching, exciting experiences, York’s residences are also exceedingly secure. A security guard is stationed at the entrance of each of residence 24 hours a day and the dorm-style residences are also monitored by a group of porters. These porters check the identification of each person entering the residence from 7pm until 2am – after 2am, the security guards check identification. The porters also rent out vacuums, video games and DVDs while on duty. Residences are also monitored closely with CCTV and a silent alarm system. The dons also provide 24 hour support to residents, from basic counseling and conflict mediation to first aid.

Residence is a safe, convenient and fun option for students who choose not to commute to campus. From events designed especially for residents to academically oriented floors, residence provides an awesome experience to students. It’s also hard to resist the allure of an extra few minutes of sleep. For more information on residence, including floor plans and amenities, visit the Student Housing website.