Just Announced: Residence Application Deadlines

Posted by York & U on January 26, 2012


As I mentioned before, keeping track of deadlines is key when applying to universities. Now, to add to your growing list, York has released it’s application deadlines for residence.

As of February 1, 2012, you will all be able to access the residence application through your MyFile account. The only exception is exchange students, who should check out the York International website for information on residence and accommodation.

June 1 is the deadline for new first year students to apply for a guaranteed spot in residence. Students are still able to apply after June 1, but their spots will no longer be guaranteed. For more information, visit the Student Housing website. Students are not required to live in residence, but it can be a convenient way to spend your time at York. Check back in the following weeks for more information on residence and campus life.