Take Note of These Deadlines

Posted by York & U on January 18, 2012


 Now that you submitted your application, it’s time to start thinking about how you will pay for your education. Scholarships and awards provide funding for qualified students, but you need to make sure you meet the application deadlines!

February 1: Deadline to submit the Student Financial Profile as well as the deadline to apply for the York University Award of Achievement and the Harry Arthurs Alumni Families Entrance Scholarship as well as many other awards. For a full list, check the Fees & Funding page on the Future Students website.

April 4: Deadline to apply for the Avie Bennett Award, the Honderich Bursary, the Award for Aboriginal Students, the Chancellor Bennett Entrance Awards for the Westview Partnership and many others. For a full list, check the Fees & Funding page on the Future Students website.

June 30: Suggested deadline to apply for OSAP.

Scholarships are an excellent way to fund your education, and are easier to receive than you think. Apply for all of them! You never know what could happen.

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    are transfer students eligible to entrance scholarships or not? and how much would an 86 average give u

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    Maxwell Laryea

    I applied for the international entrance scholarships in February and I’ve been waiting for a response but I’ve not received any yet so I want to know when the results will be ready?

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    Hi Kan,

    Unfortunately most of the scholarships on the Future Students website do not apply to transfer students unless otherwise noted. Once you are a current York student, you are eligible to apply for bursaries and other awards for current students.