Financing Your Education Part 1: Scholarships, Awards and the Student Financial Profile

Posted by York & U on January 16, 2012


Aside from deciding what to study, one of the first things people usually wonder about when it comes to university is how they are going to pay for it. A university degree is certainly an investment, and luckily there a variety of resources you can use to help you with this investment. This week and next, I’m going to give you the run down on what your options are.

The Student Financial Profile (SFP) is the best place to start if you’re looking for any scholarships or awards, and even some types of on-campus employment. All students must submit the SFP in order to be eligible for many programs. As a future student, you have your own SFP that includes the applications for many of York’s most prestigious scholarships. April 4 is the deadline to submit your profile, but some scholarships have earlier deadlines so make sure you check everything early.

The York offers two types of scholarships – those that are automatically awarded and those that you need to apply for. The awards that are automatically awarded are offered based on your academic performance; in other words, the better your average is, the more money you will receive. York offers these awards to students with admission averages of 80% or higher, and many of them are also renewable, so if you maintain your average while in university you will continue to receive the award.

Other awards require an application. These applications ask for a variety of criteria and are available on the Future Students website. You can also search for other awards – not just the ones for new students – on our Student Financial Services website.

Aside from scholarships, you may also be eligible for a number of grants. The most recent grant is the Ontario Tuition Grant, which offers up to 30% of tuition costs to eligible students. For more information on this grant, check out the Government of Ontario website. Other grants include the textbook grant and the Queen Elizabeth Aiming for the Top series of grants.

Scholarships are an excellent way of paying for your education, especially because you don’t need to pay them back! Make sure you check back Wednesday for the application deadlines as well as next Tuesday for more information on other financial resources. Have a good week!

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    Ellen Rebanal

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    My son received a $1,000.00 renewable entrance scholarship last year, do we have to apply for a renewal for this since he got more than 80% average? If yes, can you please give us the phone number to call? thanks

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      Hi Ellen. You don’t need to apply for a renewal. The amount should be applied directly to your son’s student account. Contact Student Client Services if you have questions or concerns.