Wondering What to Do Over the Break?

Posted by York & U on December 26, 2011


School is out for the winter holidays for just about everyone now. This means lots of laying about, eating and relaxing right? Maybe a trip with the family or some winter sports in there somewhere? Maybe not for everyone, but that’s certainly what my winter breaks used to look like. Don’t get caught up in laziness, though! Application deadlines are right around the corner and there are all sorts of things you should be doing to prepare.

1.      Decide where you would like to apply and to which programs

The OUAC charges a flat fee for the first three programs you apply to, so it’s probably best to have three programs in mind that you’d like to apply to. That way you get your money’s worth! But seriously, you should put some thought into where you would like to apply well in advance of applying – which brings us to our second point.

2.      Research the requirements for the programs you are interested in

Look into what each university requires for admission into each specific program that you’re interested in. I’d suggest writing this down or making an Excel document to keep track of everything. Look at the academic requirements as well as any extracurricular requirements or supplementary applications that may be required from applicants. This way, you’ll be prepared when you go to apply. In some cases, this will also help you make sure you meet all the requirements. Not taking math this year but the business program requires it? Now you’ll have the opportunity to enroll in math next semester and avoid not meeting the program requirements. It pays to be prepared!

3.      Write down your questions

When you’re researching, it’s inevitable that you’ll have a few questions. Make sure you write those down so you can ask your guidance counselor in January. Although I’m very happy to answer all your questions here, on Facebook or on Twitter, your guidance counselor is probably your greatest ally when you apply to university.

4.      Book a tour

Now that you finally have some free time, why not come visit us? There are student ambassadors here to take you around campus and answer your questions. This is an awesome opportunity to get to know York a little better.

5.      Study

I hate to say it, but studying is a good idea over the break. I know you want to relax and hang out, but this is a great time to do some catching up. It’s vital that you maintain your marks, and taking advantage of this free time by studying is a good way to keep those grades up. Preparing for next semester will help you avoid any shocks or drops in grades that could potentially hurt your university application.

Although relaxing and having some downtime during the winter break is definitely a good idea, it’s also a good idea to prepare to apply for university while you have all this free time. Our Future Students website is a great place to start with your research – take a look around at our info on student life, services and expenses to get an idea of what your time at York might look like. Have a good break!