Microwaves on Campus

Posted by York & U on November 7, 2011

Get In The Know

In addition to blogging, I also work on the York social media sites. I love it! It’s great to hang out on Facebook and Twitter all day and call it work. We get tons of questions and comments and it’s my job to respond to everyone. When I’m doing this, I start to notice trends in the questions and comments. Every so often, there seems to be one topic that comes up at least once a day on the York twitter accounts. The latest topic: microwaves. People seem to be upset because the only microwaves they can find on campus are the ones in the Student Centre or the ones in the Seneca building. Do not fret! There are plenty more for students to use.

Just about all of your college council offices have microwaves in them. While these offices tend to be a little rowdy and can be a little intimidating, don’t be afraid to wander in and ask if you can use their microwave. They’d love to help you out, and will probably want to be your friend. You might even find out about some cool event coming up. I know I’ve said it before, but knowing your college council and what they’re up to is a great way to get the most out of yourYorkexperience. Getting a line-up free hot lunch helps, too. Here is where you can find those offices:

Bethune College Council: BC 206

Calumet College Council: CC 122

Founders Student Union: FC 121B

McLaughlin College Council: MC 143

New College Council: 105 Atkinson

Stong College Student Government: SC 106A

Vanier College Council: VC 121

Winters College Council: WC 002F/003

There are also rooms – which double as study spaces – that have microwaves in them. These include the Renaissance Room in Vanier College (VC 001) and the HNES Student Lounge (HNES 136D). Many other rooms on campus include small kitchenettes – take a look around campus and see what you can find. You’d be surprised what sorts of nooks are hidden. Your program office should also have a kitchenette, but that might require you to sweet talk your program coordinator.

Club and other organizations are often assigned rooms, most of which include microwaves. The York Univeristy Mature Students’ Organization in Vanier College 113B, for example, has a microwave, fridge and lounge area. The Vandoo office – which is something of a home away from home for me – also has a microwave. Joining a club or getting to know the students in a club often means line-up free access to a microwave. Like with the college councils, it also provides you with an opportunity to get involved. Clubs are here to provide student spaces so take advantage of them! Get in touch with the clubs associated with your program (or one that you find interesting) and find out what they can offer you here.

The one place where I think we need more microwaves is in the cafeterias. The only ones that have microwaves are the Osgoode Bistro and the Kosher Country Style in Winters/McLaughlin. The Country Style doesn’t even allow you to use it for outside food, either. This probably has something to do with how Aramark oversees the activities of the cafeterias on campus, but I still think it’s a shortcoming. Luckily, the University welcomes feedback on issues like this, so getting in touch with Food Services should do some good. If you are interested in getting more microwaves in the cafeterias, you can offer feedback here.

Although at times it may feel like there are absolutely no microwaves around, I promise that there are plenty on campus. It’s just a matter of looking around for one, or getting to know your colleges or clubs a little better. None of these are bad things though! The more you know about your campus the better. Now ditch that line-up in the Student Centre and explore! You’ll find a free microwave in no time.

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    Your Comments Anything available in or around the TEL building?

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      Seneca is probably your closest option. Go in the doors off of Fine Arts Rd and go up the small set of stairs on your left 🙂

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    Yea, it’s great there are microwaves in the colleges, or in the kitchenettes in some rooms, but let’s face it – most of the time students will be eating in the Student Centre, and who wants to have to constantly ask/sweet-talk just to use the microwave?

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      Hi Locke,

      Actually, most of these rooms are open and available to students during the day – no asking required. In any case, Food Services would love to have your input on this. You can contact them here.