Make the most of York’s Career Fair

Written by Deea Deb

If you’ve never attended a career fair

Preparing yourself is the best way to approach it. Here are some tips: 

  1. Book an appointment at York’s Career Centre beforehand to understand your interests and career path options.  
  2. Check out the list of employers attending the Career Fair. If you can’t meet all the employers, you can target the ones you’re most interested in. 
  3. Familiarize yourself with the floor plan to find the companies you want to meet.  
  4. Employers may or may not interview you on the spot, but present yourself professionally. 

Pro tip: Attend the Career Centre’s workshops to feel more comfortable and confident with interviews. Register for workshops through the Experience York portal. 

Even if you can’t apply for jobs right away try learning more about companies in your field, the type of positions available, their work culture and growth opportunities. Keep copies of your resumé handy in case employers ask for them – you can also ask for their business cards, or connect with them on LinkedIn, so that you can contact them in the future. It’s important to ask questions. Here are some sample questions to get you started. 

If you have attended a career fair

You may know how career fairs work and have even attended some at York. If you see some familiar employers joining this year, don’t discount those interactions. Remember that you may meet new people from those organizations, which is an awesome networking opportunity. The more people you meet, the better! 

Kavleen Massaun, a 2022 York graduate with a post-graduate certificate in business administration, got her first job through York’s Career Fair.  

“Being a former York University student, I must say the career fairs and opportunities available to students are invaluable,” says Massaun.

“Attending these events while in school allowed me to network with industry professionals and gain insights into various career paths. It was through one of these events that I met an RBC recruiter and ultimately landed my current job.”

Kavleen Massaun
2022 York Gradaute

If you are graduating soon and want to make the most of the Career Fair, we recommend that you do the following:  

  • Update your resumé and CV at the Career Centre 
  • Sharpen your interview skills and presentation (interview dress code handout)  
  • Learn how to introduce yourself professionally  
  • Get involved in cocurricular activities if you need to add more content to your resumé  
  • Update your LinkedIn profile  
  • Get instructor/work references  
  • Ask questions!  

Here are some additional tips from the Career Centre to help you prepare yourself.  

You don’t have to register for the Career Fair. Just show up! The next event is on Thursday, September 21, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Make sure you add this to your calendars!