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Posted by Shannon Hui on May 3, 2018

Have you completed the Student Financial Profile (SFP) for Summer 2018 yet? The application portal is now open for students wishing to participate in the Summer 2018 Work/Study program (RAY/CLAY/YES/W ...
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Posted by York & U on April 12, 2016

    Why are we here? Are we alone in this universe? How is our planet capable of producing life? Can we planet-hop and live elsewhere?   These are some of the fundamental questions spac ...
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Posted by Kren on October 20, 2014

York University’s Fall Career Fair 2014 was held on Tuesday, September 23. The Fair welcomed future and current students to York University’s Keele campus to explore the extensive list of job opp ...
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Posted by Megan on March 19, 2014

Hi Readers! If I did my math right, there are only 24 weeks until the Fall semester starts! Part of me wants to scream but the other part of me is super excited and I’m definitely embracing that ...
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Posted by York & U on March 21, 2012

Remember the Student Financial Profile (SFP) I told you about a little ways back? It’s the online form that allows you to apply for a variety of York scholarships and also acts as part of the applic ...
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Posted by York & U on January 2, 2012

While some may argue that simply attending university is one giant career preparation move, there is certainly more you can do to prepare for life after university while studying. There is a lot you c ...
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