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Posted by Megan on March 19, 2014

Hi Readers! If I did my math right, there are only 24 weeks until the Fall semester starts! Part of me wants to scream but the other part of me is super excited and I’m definitely embracing that ...
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Posted by Megan on February 24, 2014

So you’ve accepted your offer to York, huh? Congratulations!!! You’ve officially completed the first, and most important, step on your journey to York U. But what comes next? How do you ge ...
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Posted by Megan on February 17, 2014

1. We have friendly groundhogs (yes, this had to be #1). I’ve heard and seen a few people interacting with friendly groundhogs on campus. Now this might not be worthy of being a deciding factor ...
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Posted by Sunera on October 25, 2013

What are the Language Proficiency Requirements at York U? Do you know about the language requirements at York University? If not – don’t worry, you have come to the right place. As some of ...
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Posted by York & U on January 8, 2013

Let’s face it; a university education isn’t exactly inexpensive. There are many expenses that come along with attending post-secondary including tuition, books and housing (just to name a few). Yo ...
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Posted by York & U on December 13, 2012

Have you ever dreamt of studying minutes from a white sand beach with crystal clear water? How about studying  in a university that is centuries old? Best of all, how would you like to gain internat ...
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Posted by York & U on August 16, 2012

Have you decided whether you will be coming to York on move-in day (August 31, 2012) or whether you will come earlier? If you decide to arrive to campus early where will you stay? What will you do?! ...
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Posted by York & U on August 14, 2012

It is said that if you follow the North Star you will always find your way. Obviously someone forgot that we need direction in the daytime too. In Toronton-speak, this is an example of the way directi ...
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Posted by York & U on February 6, 2012

Right now, everyone has lots of questions. Some of you already applied and are now wondering about what to do next while others are wondering how to go about applying. Lots of you are asking similar q ...
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