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Posted by Sunera on October 9, 2013

Interviewee: Megan is a third year transfer student at York University majoring in Psychology. Affiliation with Interviewee: This past week I had a chance to interview my peer Megan. I met Megan at my ...
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Posted by Kira on October 8, 2013

Frosh Week is an event that takes place at almost every university in North America in some form or other. It can also be called O-Week or Orientation Week, and is designed for first year students. It ...
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Posted by Christiaan on October 3, 2013

Hello, hello! Welcome to my I’m/Mature blog. I’m excited to write about my experiences as a mature student at York University, but, first, let me introduce you to one of my fellow bloggers ...
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Posted by Kira on April 23, 2013

O-Week, Frosh Week…all of these are phrases you’ve probably heard, and they all mean the same thing: New Student Orientation! It’s a tradition of pretty much every university to plan a bunch of ...
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Posted by York & U on July 25, 2012

  It’s the event you have been looking forward to all summer: Orientation (also referred to by some as Frosh Week). Orientation events for this year will take place over the course of 10 days, ...
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Posted by York & U on April 23, 2012

Although we all come to York for different reasons, we all end up loving it. From the community to the services to the awesome elective courses, York students love their university. Some love the comm ...
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