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Posted by York & U on March 27, 2018

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Today’s #YUBlog post is a special one: this past fall, we were asked to participate in a Flat Stanley exchange program with an elementary school in Texas. The idea for the Flat Stanley exchange came from a children’s book: Stanley, a paper doll, can travel around the world in an envelope and return home with photos from his travels to share with his friends. The Flat Stanley exchange has been used in classrooms ever since to show children different parts of the world. Today, Flat Stanley is travelling to different colleges and universities across North America to see what university life is like and report back to his elementary school classmates. We at the #YUBlog have been taking Stanley around for the last few months— take a tour of York U with Flat Stanley in today’s post!

Success tip: If you have recently been accepted to York University and want to learn more about campus life, take a look at our previous #YUBlog post, “Next Steps for Students Accepted to York U“.

Image by York University
Welcome to York University! Flat Stanley is a visiting student from Texas. Come along with Flat Stanley to see what his average day as a York U student looks like.
Image by York U
Rise and shine! After a good night’s rest in his residence room, Flat Stanley is ready to start the day and walk to his first class.


Image by York University
Flat Stanley enjoys his first class of the day as he follows along with the lecture by taking notes on his laptop. He’s also made some new friends among his fellow classmates!


Image by York University
After having lunch, Flat Stanley takes some time to unwind with his friends by playing foosball in the common area of his residence.


Image by York University
Flat Stanley heads to Scott Library to get in a few hours of study time. He enjoys the atmosphere and quietness that Scott Library offers and often makes use of the learning resources offered.


Image by York University
Before heading out for the day, Flat Stanley visits Learning Skills Services to get advice about staying on top of his academic work from a trained professional. He also takes a look at the March Workshop Calendar and is looking forward to dropping by for a few workshops.


Image by York University
Now that he’s finished class and put in some hours studying, Flat Stanley can get on board the subway at York University station at the heart of campus to see the sights of the beautiful city of Toronto! The brand new subway station makes it easy for York U students to go downtown to visit art galleries, eat at world-class restaurants and see movies and sports events.


Image by York University
Flat Stanley’s first trip to Toronto included a stop at the CN Tower, a famous Toronto landmark and the third tallest building in the world!


Image by York University
After an exciting day of class, studying and seeing the city of Toronto, Flat Stanley and his friends can relax in the York University Quad and enjoy the sunshine on campus. Flat Stanley is in front of Vari Hall, one of York’s signature buildings. Winter is cold in Toronto, so it’s lucky that Stanley has a cozy, one-of-a-kind York U sweatshirt to keep warm!

Thanks for coming with Flat Stanley for his day at York U! We hope you had as much fun as he did—maybe one day you can join him at university, too!


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